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The Franchise Alternative

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At the "Top" or High-End of the Market.

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It's likely you're here because you searched -- Real Estate Franchise -- for franchise information or similar keywords for a real estate oriented business opportunity or because you searched classified advertising for a new sales and marketing opportunity.

Whichever the case, you're here because the time is right for you to grow your business and you're looking for programs, tools and leadership to aid you. Welcome! You're in the right place. This is a program for licensed brokers and agents that know or feel they deserve the best and should be working with power and authority in their lives and careers. Listing and selling at the "Top" of the market is a path that leads to that end.

Earn commissions from $50,000 to $250,000 or more per transaction ten-to-twenty times a year or more by listing and selling custom homes, estates and resort-oriented residences wherever located priced from $1/Million to $10/Million or more often as wanted. Non-locality is a hallmark of being an unbounded marketing professional whatever the business. Recession-proof programs for doing this found here.

Empower yourself for going to the money, for gaining listings and earning sales within any region or locale, whatever your education, gender, age, skill level or experience to date, independently, with or without a team, and without a franchise, now.

   "I would like to share with you an easier, more pleasurable, more efficient way of getting and doing business at the top of the market, how to succeed by cooperating with it as opposed to competing with it, and surprise you with how easy it is. Easy only because I have laid the groundwork, developed the programs and executed them to fulfillment. Success, it has been said, is found on the far side of failure. You will bypass that curve completely." 

Introductory elements and credentials relative to the top of the mark listing and sales program practiced by Al Lewis in the southern California market can be found for perusal and study through links on the sidebar to the left. Programs, literature and media will be targeted to the local market and personalized for use with your name and company.

Don't Even Think About Franchising.

Buying into a top heavy franchise requiring a major upfront investment, costly facilities, stifling month-to-month overhead, overwhelming management responsibilities and reliance on others to grow your business, income and wealth, especially in the high-end, is a risky proposition.

It is for these reasons that hundreds of franchisees drop their franchise affiliation with all the majors every year. Instead of seeking a franchise to grow your business and before buying into some hot new idea that seems to have hold of the market, consider the following recession-proof broker business opportunity, The Franchise Alternative, to list and sell in the high-end of your market whatever and wherever that may be.

The Franchise Alternative / List and sell at the top of the market by growing an inventory of custom homes, estates and resort-oriented residences without having to (1) Go through a lengthy learning curve building a Luxury Homes Division, Team or Franchise to do this or having to (2) Invest large sums of cash establishing an institutional image to gain access to some small market in head-to-head competition with Big Fish in a Small Pond agents and companies already established there or having to (3) Proselyte a team of experienced agents to get to where you want to go or (4) Having to waste years of time in trial and error figuring out how to cost-effectively market high-end real estate both locally and to buyers in the international community;

Instead (5) Bypass these things completely and (6) Empower yourself for listing and selling at the top of the market now by partnering (in name only) with national luxury homes listing leader Al Lewis under a unique "Affiliate" or "License" agreement for duplicating with Al Lewis as your guide his highly successful program for listing and selling luxury homes four-decades running in one of the nation's most competitive markets, southern California, and (7) Select one-to-five agents from among your existing staff or colleagues, or recruit new associates experienced or not to help you do this under a proprietary Marketing Partner agreement provided by Al Lewis and, alternately, if wanted (8) Empower your Marketing Partners to do the work, the listing and selling, themselves, under your in-office leadership;

Proceed, then (9) In-Field / With a seasoned new business marketing strategy, an in-field seller services portfolio representative of your larger program only shared during a proper in-house listing presentation, miscellaneous marketing tools and defined talking-points provided by broker/mentor Al Lewis for gaining new listing opportunities ranging in price from $1/Million to $10/Million or more wherever wanted and;

Proceed (10) In-House / With a personalized forty-five page full color portfolio of high-end seller services in hand; with support literature and presentation layouts of your Sale by Auction program and your Radiant-Outreach Network Marketing strategy for drawing both buyers in the international community and locals with means to your listings like bears to honey in hand and; with your out-folding blueprint marketing strategy and fast-sale marketing worksheets for structured grassroots marketing that turn slow-sale real estate into fast-sale real estate in hand and; proceed to list and sell at the top of the market with machine-like efficiency by means of structured marketing, know-how, and a wherewithal that will wow all, your clients, competitors and colleagues alike.

Broker/Mentor Al Lewis will team with either you alone or each of up to five Marketing Partners under your employ to gain ten or more listings each priced from $1/Million to $10/Million within any locale or area within five months of start; from these seeds you will multiply your market value and income a hundredfold.

Brokers and agents outside the southern California market, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, can join The Real Estate Professionals' National Broker Network and partner (in name only) for listing and selling in the high-end using all the various programs, tools and methodologies developed by broker/mentor Al Lewis for doing that under a regional program licensee agreement to go straight to the top and stay there.

The Best of Both Worlds / Whether an independent Broker with your own company or a Broker or Agent affiliated with a real estate Company whether a franchise or not, you can gain the benefit of this program for your own independent listing and sales pursuits. The Real Estate Professionals' licensee program does not require that you be a Broker-Owner or change your affiliate status in any way. It is a unique opportunity to grow your business by working in a collaboration with an experienced Broker, a true sales and marketing vet that lists and sells at the top of the market.

Be In the Market within Fifteen Days / No downtime; no top heavy start-up fees, facility requirements or month-to-month costs not directly related to listing and selling; no overwhelming recruiting pro forma or unrealistic projections; no per-agent sign-up fees; no commission sharing or per-unit transaction fees; no desk fees or anything of the like; and no unreasonably legalistic long range contract.

Start at The Top / We've all heard the phrase Quantum-Leap, but have you ever wondered what that actually means?

Although the phrase quantum-leap has become common in everyday conversation, it actually has a very specific meaning. When we are taught about atoms in school we are usually told that there's a nucleus that contains protons and neutrons, and that electrons circle the nucleus in fixed orbits or shells that vary in distance from the nucleus.

We are told that electrons stay in one particular orbit, but sometimes change to a different orbit. If an electron absorbs energy it can jump to a higher orbit, if it releases energy it can drop to a lower orbit. What most of us are never told is that when an electron changes orbit it does not move through space or time to arrive at its new location. Rather, an electron at one moment is in orbit A, and in the very next moment it is in orbit B, without having traveled through the space in between.

That is what is meant by a quantum-leap. A quantum-leap is a change in status from one set of circumstances to another set of circumstances that takes place immediately without passing through the circumstances in between.

Even life's daily events are governed by this principal (believe in the possible). Join with me to make a quantum-leap in your career now. Start at the top.

Be Empowered / Real estate is not a Job nor is it a Business, though every major franchise program is determined to establish it as both. Real estate is an activity. Specific activities produce specific results. This is time tested and true.

Working independently but with broker Al Lewis to develop an unequaled support team of highly motivated Marketing Partners, Protégés, and Fellows unique to this program you can list and sell high-end real estate irrespective of your time in the business, experience, or success to date and earn essentially any income you desire working part- or full-time immediately. If wanted, you can grow a multifaceted franchise-like business as well but without the many headaches, drawbacks or related costs.

Inside this program you can and will, of course, list and sell properties within all price ranges, but you will be empowered to capture your share of your market's real money at the high-end where and when possible. The "Competition" nor the "State of The Market" are issues you will ever think about again.

Introductory Pro Forma / Please respond by email to request and receive a program introduction, job description and start-up pro forma titled The Power of One: The Top Job in Real Estate. Please advise of your locale: state and region.

Send Request by eMail to Broker/Mentor Al Lewis Direct

This detailed article will define for you exactly (1) How to break-into and sustain listing and sales success in the high-end under the umbrella of The Real Estate Fellowship (2) It will help you determine your fit (3) It will define for you why it is recession-proof, free of competition and the "Top Job" in real estate.

To sign-in and be in the market in only fifteen-days with an entirely new program that will get you to where you want to go in real estate listing and selling at the top of the market, merely follow the instructions at the back. You are cordially invited to call on broker/mentor Al Lewis direct any time to talk.

We can never outgrow the limits we place on ourselves; we can only set new limits within which we must live. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, "If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Just think of it.

To Rise Above the Crowd, You Have to Rise Above the Crowd.
The Market is Always Good for Those at The Top.

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